"Konpeito" - Mandarake's specialist store in omake and paper goods.
Konpeito brings you a window to the Showa-era as if it were a little TV show on a black and white television. We have all kinds of omake, even omake that you normally can't find without the main item.
We and our nostalgic toys are looking forward to welcoming you!

What are "Paper Goods"?

These are the extra items you find attached to magazines and publications. We're also including the fun & nostalgic paper-based toys and games such as cards and coloring sheets, that you often get when you buy candies!

What is "Omake"?

Omake are little bonus items you can get when you buy certain items such as candy. At Konpeito we're bringing to you some of the popular omake from the Showa era, from the 1920s all the way to the late 1980s.
We're jam-packed with cute nostalgic omake!

What's New?