MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI ★ Micro-kan May 5 (Friday) Yoshihiko Takemura 【Wow! Ken-chan Stickers】 For Sale ☆★

Serialised in Corocoro Comics in the early half of the 1990s, Yoshihiko Take Mura’s gag manga ‘Wow! Ken-chan’ has now taken the form of these cute and colorful stickers!
These stickers will be made available at the Mandarake Daimansai Festival on Friday May 5 at the Nakano Sun Plaza. You can find them at both the Sales Area and the Sanchi Sticker Festival!!
Be sure to come and buy them on the 3rd day of the festival!

You can get your ‘Wow! Ken-chan Stickers’ here:

Nakano Sun Plaza 14th floor, Daimansai Sales Event 【Free Admission】

Nakano Sun Plaza 13th floor, Sanchi Sticker Festival 【Entry Fee Required】

※ If you’re only buying Ken-chan stickers, we recommend buying them on the 14th floor as there is no entry fee.

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