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Price 1000 yen (926 yen plus tax)
344 pages (planned)
Published by Mandarake

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Q24 - Is the catalog available in any other languages?
A24 - The physical copy of the catalog is in Japanese only (although there is a small section on the bidding process that is written in English). An English translation for some of the popular items is provided on the left of the main Zenbu page, as well some as important information about them. Click the pictures for more details.
Q25 - I want to get the catalog as soon as possible. Which store should I go to?
A25 - Our Nakano store usually gets the catalog a few days before its scheduled release date, so please contact the store directly. Other Mandarake stores receive their copies afterward. Regular bookstores release their copies on the 10th every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December), but this may vary depending on the store and region.
Q26 - What is the next special feature going to be?
A26 - Mandarake Zenbu 89 (scheduled for release on October 10, 2018) will have a Fujio F. Fujiko and Chogokin special feature. (subject to change)
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  • Kaibutsu-kun With Finger Puppet

    Billiken Shokai

  • Chogokin Kaibutsu-kun


  • Kaibutsu-kun - Squeaky Toy - Dancing Hands


  • Teke Teke Umeboshi Denka

    Wind up blindly walking type soft vinyl Umeboshi Denka

  • Jungle Kurobei - Sofubi Pendant

  • ESPer Mami (Mami the Mystic) and Konpoco


  • Ultra B - Otomodachi Ultra Pochette

  • Parasol Henbee - Kururin Parasol

    Boku Henbee

  • Biriken - Doki Doki Mechanivoice

  • The Laughing Salesman - Talking

  • Chicken Ramen - Korosuke Donburi Bowl

  • Nakayoshi Pokonyan

  • Chimpui - Minna de Waiwai Finger Puppet Set

  • Uchu Karuta (Space Karuta)

  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka - Tiny Infra Red Remote Controlled Car

  • Life Size Korosuke - Anime Version

  • The Laughing Salesman Cel

    Moguro Fukuzo

  • Fujiko F Fujio (Hiroshi Fujimoto) - Hand-drawn Comic Cel

    ESPer Mami (Mami the Mystic)

  • Fujiko Fujio A (Motoo Abiko) - Hand-drawn Comic Cel


  • Fujiko F Fujio (Hiroshi Fujimoto) - Hand-drawn Comic Cel

    Chuunen Superman

  • Fujiko Fujio A (Motoo Abiko) - Hand-drawn Color Shikishi

    Pro Golfer Saru

  • Silver Cross - Complete 5 Volume Set

    By Fujiko Fujio - Akebono Shuppan / Bunka Shobo

  • Silver Cross - Complete 5 Volume Set

    Tokyo Top-sha

  • Ginga Sencho

    By Fujiko Fujio - Toho Tosho Shuppansha

  • ESPer Mami (Mami the Mystic) Complete 9 Volume First Edition Set

    Manga-kun Comics

  • Bakeru-kun - Complete 2 Volume Set

    Tentoumushi Comics

  • Manga Michi - Complete 19 Volume First Edition Set

    Fujiko Fujio - Jiden Manga Hit Comics

  • Ashizuka Fujio - Sannin Kyoudai to Ningen Houdan

    Manga-Oh - 1952 (Showa 27) December, Ashizuka Fujio is Fujiko Fujio

  • Manga-Oh - Showa 34 (1959) February Supplement

    Ano Robotto o Ute (Shoot That Robot)

  • Hattori-kun Live Action Version - Episode 1 to 25 Scripts

    Final one missing

  • Doreamon no Fujiko Fujio Anime Daihyakka Encyclopedia


  • Ore wa Kaibutsu-kun Da - Kaibutsu-kun no Komoriuta - Sorota Kaibutsu 3 Ningumi


  • Ninja Hattori-kun - Ninja Taiso Ichi Nin San  - Hattori-kun March


  • Izenborg-go



    Italian version of Tomy's Izen I and II Gattai set

  • Izenborg Man

    When you turn the doll upside down the particle moves and you can see the mechanic part inside

  • Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster

    Zincron I and IV set

  • Robokko Beeton

    Zincron Junior

  • Godzilla - Zincron - Baragon (Green)

  • Godzilla - Zincron - King Ghidorah

  • Kyouryuu Tankentai Born Free 3 Piece Sofubi Set


  • Born Free Gattai Set


  • Kagaku Boukentai Tansar 5 - Miracle Change - Big Tansar Great Adventure Set


  • Cardcaptor Sakura Cel

    Episode 3 - Sakura's Heart-Racing First Date

  • Ashita no Joe (Champion Joe) Cel

    Joe Yabuki

  • Marvelous Melmo (Fushigi na Melmo) Cel

    Melmo and Tatchi

  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cel

    Episode 197 - Ruler of the Galaxy: the Menace of Galaxia

  • Dragon Ball Z Cel

    Episode 219 - A Slithering Conspiracy!! Gohan's Power is Stolen / Energy Drain

  • Urusei Yatsura: Only You Cel

    Benten and Lum

  • Yokai Ningen Bem Cel

    Signed by Bero's voice actor, Mari Shimizu

  • My Neighbor Totoro Cel

    Catbus, Totoro, Satsuki, Mei

  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky Cel


  • Osamu Tezuka Hand-drawn Color Shikishi

    Higeoyaji and Kenichi

  • Osamu Tezuka Hand-drawn Color Shikishi

    0 Man

  • Jiro Kuwata Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi


  • Shigeru Mizuki Hand-Drawn Shikishi

    Kappa no Sanpei

  • ● Fujiko Fujio Special Feature

    Toys, manga, cels, even signed items
    We've lined up some top class Fujiko goods

  • ● Gokin Special Feature

    Bullmark's Dai Apolon, Mechander Robo, Ganbaron gokin and others
    Tomy and Marutani's dinosaur trilogy Born Free, Izenborg and Tansar 5

  • ● Animation Cels and Anime Gengas

    Exciting scenes from Melmo and familiar scenes from Bem,
    work from Studio Ghibli, the treasure of the anime world,
    an absolutely huge number of cels and anime genga available

  • ● Hand-drawn Illustrations, Shikishi and Manuscripts

    Osamu Tezuka hand-drawn manuscript, shikishi, and also postcards and writings that are very valuable as reference material. As well as the artists from Fujiko Fujio, who we're doing a special feature on, there are items from other popular vintage authors, Akira Toriyama, Tetsuya Chiba, and other popular artists and animators.

  • ● Dolls

    It's a magical girl paper fun special feature! Paper dress-up, coloring, etc.
    Creamy Mami, Persia, Magical Emi, Pastel Yumi

  • ● Tankobon (Single Volume Books)

    As well as the Fujiko Fujio special feature, you'll find Koji Sugito's horror comics, as well as a large number of kashi-hon manga from publishers such as Taiheiyo Bunko.

  • ● New Size Books

    Ninja Hattori-kun, ESPer Mami (Mami the Mystic), Manga Michi, and others from the Fujiko Fujio special feature.

  • ● Vintage Comic Magazines

    A new feature of Bouken Katsugeki Bunko (Shonen Gaho)
    First of all Showa 23 and 24 (1948 and 1949)
    Next will be Boken-Oh from Showa 45 (1970)

  • ● Doujinshi

    Male Doujinshi: Fujiko Fujio parody doujinshi special feature
    Female Doujinshi: Sakura Seriou and Satsuki Fujino's Rurouni Kenshin parody doujinshi special feature
    Reference Material: Special feature on Comiket, including pamphlets and early catalogs from the now large-scale and successful doujinshi spot sale event
    Shojo: Manga Sei and Moto Hagio limited edition doujinshi

  • ● Cards

    Trading card special feature including Digimon, Golden Gash (Zatch Bell) etc

  • ● Voice Actor Goods

    Signed goods from today's popular voice actors and revered veterans

  • ● Tokusatsu Scripts

    50th anniversary MJ (Mighty Jack)
    Memorandums, public relations materials, scripts of shows that were never put into production etc
    A plethora of valuable reference materials

  • ● Kaiba and Other Books

    Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu instruction book, Kannagara no Budou. An absolute must-read with a detailed lineage explained. There is also other literature, picture books, art, photograph collections, and other items with a sense of edge about them.

  • ● Posters

    Showa Niji no Omoide Hyoryuuki
    Tokusatsu heroes, Gundam, special anime posters and so on