Pre-bidding is available here. You can view the items from midnight on April 20th (Japan Time).
The live auction will be held on May 4 (Friday), 5 (Saturday) and 6 (Sunday).


Pre-bidding is available here. You can view the items from midnight on April 20th (Japan Time).

Price 1000 yen (926 yen plus tax)
352 pages (planned)
Published by Mandarake

A one year subscription is 6 editions for 6000 yen, and includes a 1000 yen coupon.

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Q24 - Is the catalog available in any other languages?
A24 - The physical copy of the catalog is in Japanese only (although there is a small section on the bidding process that is written in English). An English translation for some of the popular items is provided on the left of the main Zenbu page, as well some as important information about them. Click the pictures for more details.
Q25 - I want to get the catalog as soon as possible. Which store should I go to?
A25 - Our Nakano store usually gets the catalog a few days before its scheduled release date, so please contact the store directly. Other Mandarake stores receive their copies afterward. Regular bookstores release their copies on the 10th every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December), but this may vary depending on the store and region.
Q26 - What is the next special feature going to be?
A26 - Mandarake Zenbu 87 (scheduled for release on June 10, 2018) will have a Boat and Gundam special feature. (subject to change)
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  • Bullmark - Ultra Seven

    Electronic walking tin toy.

  • Marusan - Peguila

    First period. Dark blue moulding with dark walnut brown paint.

  • Marusan - Gango (Gyango)

    Unassembled electronic walking plastic model.

  • Bullmark - Giant Takkong

    An original from when Kaeriman was aired.

  • Popy - Red King

    From the Kingsaurus series, used in stores.

  • Marusan - Ultrahawk 1

    Electronic, unassembled.

  • Bullmark - The Return of Ultraman

    Electronic walking tin toy.

  • Marusan - King Joe

    Unopened in bag.

  • Marusan - Captain Ultra

    Electronic walking tin toy.

  • Marusan - Space Station V3

    Wind up sofubi.

  • Bullmark - Giant Galvan

    Antenna has not been repaired.

  • Marusan - Ultraman Kaiju Monster Parade

    Wind up parade with Neronga, Kanegon and Namegon.

  • Marusan - Ultraman Convertible Car

    With prints from both Ultraman and Ultra Q.

  • Bullmark - Arstron

    Wind up walking toy, unassembled.

  • Yonezawa - Ultraman Space Car

    Electronic moving tin toy.

  • Hayata Money Box

    Ceramic item from when Ultraman was aired.

  • Popy - Ultraman Leo

    Jumbo Machinder.

  • Bullmark - Satan Beetle

    One of the most difficult to find mini Leo-kaiju sofubi.

  • Bullmark - Renbolar

    One of the most difficult to find mini Leo-kaiju sofubi.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Illustration by Kajita Tatsuji

    Ultraman Taro.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Illustration by Masami Watanabe

    Ultraman Ace.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Illustration by Masami Watanabe

    Ultraman Ace.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Daiji Kazumine


  • Kohji Moritsugu Autographed Photograph

    Ultra Seven.

  • Kohji Moritsugu Autographed Figure

    Ultra Seven with bromide.

  • Evangelion Cel

    Rei Ayanami.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Genga

    Episode 2.

  • Card Captor Sakura Cel


  • Kiki's Delivery Service Cel

    Kiki with background.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Osamu Tezuka

    Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Hayao Miyazaki

    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Shigeru Mizuki

    Yoru no Kusabue.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Illustration from Hikari Productions

    Tetsujin 28, with print.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Illustration by Monkey Punch

    The boldness of this composition is sensual and cool.

  • Machiko Hasegawa Autographed Reproduction Shikishi

    Ijiwaru Baasan (Granny Mischief).

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Rumiko Takahashi

    Ranma 1/2 - Pantyhose Taro.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Masami Suda

    Fist of the North Star - Kenshiro.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Haruhiko Mikimoto

    Super Dimension Century Orguss.

  • Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi by Yan-Yam

    Sengoku Hime: Senran no Yo ni Homuratatsu.

  • Mori no Kyoudai

    Kazuo Umezu's debut work, published by Tomo Books.

  • Sugata Naki Shotai - Complete 2 Volume Set

    Kazuo Umezu's early work, a true mystery manga.

  • Kaiki Ansatsu Yasha

    Kazuo Umezu's early work, a unique periodical manga.

  • Kenryu

    Mitsuteru Yokoyama's early work, published by Toukoudo.

  • Pete-kun Hyoryuki

    Later edition of Osamu Tezuka's Shin Takarajima (New Treasure Island), published by Chubu Shuppansha.

  • Chief Detective Kenichi

    Later edition of Osamu Tezuka's Manga Selection issue 4 (no editors remarks on the cover spine).

  • Kichigai Ryori

    Shinji Ikegawa's troubled work, published by Hibari Shobo.

  • Hangyojin Tokyo ni Arawaru

    Masaki Kawada's unique work, published by Kinensha.

  • Hell Boy (Jigoku-kun) - First Edition with Obi

    Murotani Tsunezo's work, published by Sun Comics. With its obi, it is difficult to find.

  • Circuit no Okami (The Circuit Wolf) - Complete 27 Volumes First Edition Set

    Satoshi Ikezawa's big hit, a starting point for the super car craze.

  • Black Eros - Complete 10 Volume First Edition Set

    Shiro Kasama's work, published by Sun Shuppan Comic Pet.

  • Satan Comics - Complete 8 Volume First Edition Set

    Yoji Muku's work, published by Sun Shuppan Comic Pet.

  • Hinomaru 1958 (Showa 33) 06

    Hinomaru special collection.

  • Omoshiro Book Special Edition 1957 (Showa 32) 01.15

    Monthly magazine special edition special collection.

  • Miyako Maki - Shojo San Nin (Three Girls)

    Miyako Maki's Shojo San Nin (Three Girls) special collection.

  • The X From Outer Space Poster

    Lots of Guilala posters.

  • Gamera vs Gyaos Poster

    Lots of Gamera posters.

  • Daimajin Poster

    Lots of Daimajin posters.

  • RC Succession no Subete

    Sheet music book with lots of photographs.

  • Aozameta Doteikyo

    Illustrated by Tatsuo Okada.

  • Minamata Disease - A Photograph Collection

    By Shisei Kuwabara.

  • Shinjuku Contemporary

    By Hitomi Watanabe.

  • Gesshoku - Lunar Eclipse

    By Nobuyuki Wakabayashi.

  • Hitohabune

    By Toson Shimazaki.

  • Sanrizuka

    First edition.

  • ● Ultra Series Special Feature

    Specially selected items from the Ultra-Series, spanning over 50 years from the 1966 series Ultra Q until the present day. Be sure to check out our top items including Marusan's electronic tin toy, early sofubi, plastic models, prize goods, storefront only items, stationary, candy toys and more.

  • ● Animation Cels & Anime Gengas

    Cardcaptor Sakura, Evangelion, Gundam, Studio Ghibli and more.

  • ● Hand-Drawn Illustrations, Shikishi & Manuscripts

    When it comes to the Daimansai Festival, we'll show you a higher quality. As part of the Ultra Special Feature we have an oil painting by Toru Narita, a signed Kohji Morisugu photograph and more.
    In addition to prominent arists such as Osamu Tezuka, Shigeru Mizuki, Takashi Yanase, Sanpei Shirato and Rumiko Takahashi, we also have work from animators such as Hayao Miyazaki, Masami Suda, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, as well as items from moe artists. Here you'll find the true power of hand-drawn goods.

  • ● Tankobon

    Works from a range of creators including early work from Osamu Tezuka, Kazuo Umezu and Mitsuteru Yokoyama, and beyond.

  • ● New Size Books

    Lots of books available in great condition with obi, including the very hard to find "Hell Boy" (Jigoku-kun) from Sun Comics.

  • ● Vintage Comics and Magazines

    Shueisha's Hinomaru and a variety of special editions.

  • ● Vintage Supplements

    Miyako Maki's Shoujo San Nin and Masako Watanabe's Hakuba no Shoujo.

  • ● Idols

    As if time itself has frozen ... an unopened CD album from Hikari Genji.

  • ● Dolls

    Art dolls from artists such as Etsuko Ichihara.

  • ● Voice Actor Goods

    Signed goods from up and coming and established voice actor stars.

  • ● Konpeito

    Ice cream, chocolate, chewing gum ... it's a dream collaboration between heroes and sweets.
    Ultraman package special feature.

  • ● Scripts

    Many Ultra Seven scripts, including unreleased ones.

  • ● Other Books

    Young female novels, around 50 items from the world of Margaret Bunko, Nobuyuki Wakabayashi's photo collection that focus on social issues, Candies shikishi and more. Also books and resources about art, photographs, illustrations, luxurious books, limited editions, research, poetry, reviews and picture books and so on to cater for a wide range of interests outside of comics.

  • ● Cards

    Banpresto - As well as location test cards, we'll also have a huge selection of Ultraman series mini cards and candy gift cards and stickers.
    We're also preparing lots of other cards and stickers including major and minor leaguers, and candy extras.

  • ● Posters

    Showa Niji no Omoide Hyoryu-ki.
    Gappa, Guilala, Daimajin and other tokusatsu movie posters.

  • ● Doujinshi

    Male doujinshi: The cute, sexy and voluptuous bodies are so irresistable! Kotatsuya's dual sided Sailor Moon telephone card.
    Female doujinshi: Ultraman doujinshi from very popular creators.
    Shoujo doujinshi: Keiko Takemiya's fanclub doujinshi special feature.
    Shiryoukei doujinshi: Makai Tsushin, Mamoru Nagano, Leiji Matsumoto fanclub doujinshi, konpeito and so on.